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Join the many who have decided to take the fight to the Chicago 9, and lead the charge for balanced budgets, lower taxes, and government for people who play by the rules.


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 Tell 5 friends about Dan
 Make phone calls
 Recruit volunteers

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 Organize opportunities for Dan to speak to local organizations
(Rotary, K of C, lions, Chambers of Commerce, VFW, professional associations, etc.)
 Introduce Dan to local community opinion leaders
(clergy, local elected officials, small business owners, etc.)

Raise Money
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 Host a Proft for Governor fundraiser
 Host a meet and greet
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 Get friends to contribute to the campaign
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 Sell raffle tickets for prizes that
include trips to Maui and Las Vegas

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 Volunteer at the campaign office
 Pass literature door-to-door,
at a train station, or local event or festival
 Volunteer at an event in your area
 Get Dan on the ballot by circulating petitions

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 Request campaign materials
 Write on blogs and send letters
of support to local newspapers

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