New Jersey in November '09; Illinois in November '10?

“This election day, the entire nation will see if one of the states still has the capacity to save itself.”

- Jim Geraghty, National Review

New Jersey voters do indeed have the capacity to save their state and they made a giant stride in that direction last night by voting against a corrupt, big government Democrat machine and for a change in leadership of the Garden State.

If you read the piece Jim Geraghty did for NR yesterday linked above, you could insert “Illinois” in place of “New Jersey” in almost every instance.

Take Geraghty’s general description of New Jersey, “Egregious corruption is bad, high taxes are bad, but the two together prompt residents to conclude they’re suckers, and that they’d be better off almost anywhere else. Politics is often messy, but it ought not to be this tragic.”

Sound familiar?

Since the inception of our campaign, I have been making that exact point: Illinois isn’t broken. It’s fixed. In other words, the fix is in for the Springfield politicians and the public sector unions that prop them up.

They take you for a sucker, always cooking up new and exciting ways to separate you from your money.

Yesterday, New Jersey said “Enough!” Jersey residents didn’t buy into the conventional wisdom about what couldn’t happen in New Jersey and instead voted for what they wanted to see happen.

Chris Christie’s victory in New Jersey is a reminder that nothing is inevitable—including Chicago Democrat control of Illinois. The offices that Chicago Democrats currently hold are not their divine birthrights. Mike Madigan’s political power has not been foretold in some Biblical prophecy.

If we stand up to the bullies on behalf of taxpayers who have been bullied, we can change the destiny of Illinois.

It happened in New Jersey last night. It can happen in Illinois next year.

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