Proft: Do Not Turn Thomson into Gitmo

In response to the Obama administration's possible plan to send suspected terrorists to the state prison in Thomson, conservative Republican candidate for Governor Dan Proft released the following statement,

"This is a terrible idea that threatens the safety of Illinois residents.

"It is emblematic of the Obama administration's erratic public policy choices. The President issues an edict that he will close Gitmo without a plan for the detainees there. Instead of keeping suspected terrorists off domestic soil, the President and Governor Quinn are poised to bring to Illinois those with the ability to operate beyond the walls of any prison.

"We should be utilizing the Thomson prison to relieve prison overcrowding in Illinois' existing 28 state prisons. According to a report issued by Illinois Auditor General Bill Holland this fall, Illinois' prisons are 32 percent over capacity currently.

"We should bring Thomson fully online in a way that addresses our current capacity needs and enhances the security of both frontline DOC workers and the general public instead of potentially endangering both by bringing persons suspected to be connected to terrorist networks to Illinois.

"I call on President Obama and Governor Quinn to rethink this poorly conceived idea."

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