VIDEO & AUDIO: Proft vs. McKenna; Proft vs. Dillard

In a field of seven candidates, I know part of the challenge is differentiation.

While I believe I am presenting a qualitatively different value proposition—policy revolution—and substantively more specific, responsible and impactful policy ideas rooted in market principles, that is ultimately up to you and other GOP primary voters to judge.

As such, I want to present opportunities for you to do compare and contrast among the candidates.

On Monday evening, both Andy McKenna and I spoke at the Vernon Township (Lake County) Republican Organization meeting. We were each given 5 minutes. We’ve done no editing of either videos. This is our “We Report. You Decide” approach to giving you information that may help you make up your mind as to which candidate for Governor will best represent our party and would be most effective as the next Governor. Please watch.

On Thursday morning, both Kirk Dillard and I participated in a WVON-AM 1690-sponsored candidate forum. WVON is a station that caters to Chicago’s African-American community. Sen. Dillard and I were the only Republican gubernatorial candidates who chose to participate, which was unfortunate. Again, no editing to the audio was done other than to remove the commercials in order to condense the file. Please click the icon below to listen.

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